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Basilica S.S.Maria e Donato

Masterpiece dating back to the 12th century, it retains a precious mosaic floor as well as valuable frescoes. The only one of its kind is the external apse in Byzantine Venetian style … Read More

Church and Museum of St. Peter Martyr

Erected in the XV century it’s located along Rio dei Vetrai and it’s famous for the painting from Tintoretto an Veronese. … Read More

Glass Museum

In the ancient Palazzo Giustinian, a precious collection of glass objects from the Roman, medieval and Baroque periods up to the design of the twentieth century. Part of the permanent collection are two chalices designed by Vittorio Zecchin and made in 1938 by Maestro Amleto Zuffi. … Read More


A fishermen island famous for the local lace production (take a visit at the Lace Museum) and and for its coloured houses. … Read More


The “orto di Venezia”, a huge vegetable garden with the local production of wine, fruits and vegetables.
Over the top the local artichoke “Violetti” known as Castraure … Read More

Lido di Venezia

The Lido is famous for the International Film Festival but also for the beautiful beaches and the historical golf club “CIRCOLO GOLF VENEZIA” … Read More


Just few residents, a unique landscape of vegetables gardens, the church of Santa Fosca and the small cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the local Museum. … Read More